''Definitely not your typical grandmother's pearls''
    The brand translates its fascination with classic pieces and playful beads into the jewelry collection. Each piece is made using freshwater pearls. Because of the natural materials, no two pieces are truly alike.  We believe that jewelry, mainly pearls and non-tarnish jewelry, should not be reserved for a few. That’s why we sell directly to our customers, cutting out costs and pass on the savings to you. This way we can ditch the 10 time mark-ups and can make high quality products and materials affordable. We wanted to create every day jewelry for everyone. Whoever you are and whatever your style is. We fell in love with the imperfections of nature and it's natural one-of-a-kind products and are hoping to pass this romance on to you, too.  
    'Born in 2002, I graduated highschool in 2020 and attended law-school shortly after I graduated. After a few months, I quit to pursue my dreams. I founded LORI-LORI the brand in 2021 to share my creative work and vision with others. I believe that everything that is done by heart is done well.'
    Loris | founder LORI-LORI